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Raising awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer to improve outcomes for people across the North West of England.

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Speed of diagnosis is the single biggest factor in securing a positive outcome to an ovarian cancer diagnosis. Symptoms are often dismissed by the individual and sometimes by their GP which means all too often the diagnosis comes late. Sometimes too late.

It has never been more important to help people spot the symptoms and encourage them to notify their GP as quickly as possible.

We want more people in the North West to have more time with those closest to them.

What we do

DOTty Midnight Runners

Marking our fifth anniversary...

This World Ovarian Cancer Day, we're five year's old.

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DOTty Midnight Runners

Jo races towards fundraising target

Dianne's dog-walking bestie takes on the London Marathon to raise funds.

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DOTty Midnight Runners

Dion and Cheryl Dublin join our Christmas appeal

The pair share the devastating impact ovarian cancer had on their family.

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