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LaserHQ joins Spread the Word campaign

The award-winning business is encouraging people to take just three minutes out of their day to help save lives.

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LaserHQ, which has clinics in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle, has pledged to support our charity in our Spread the Word campaign in the coming months, to help us reach even more people about the signs of ovarian cancer.

The business will be sharing information about the disease in a range of ways, including in its clinics, online and on social media. 

Helen Quayle from LaserHQ, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with the Dianne Oxberry Trust to raise as much awareness as we can. 

“The moment I heard about the charity I knew we could help.  Early detection is key to improving the prognosis for women with ovarian cancer and it's vital that we spread the word highlighting the key symptoms, which people may not be aware of.  

"Hundreds of women visit our clinics across the North West region on a weekly basis and we want to educate as many as possible and use our social platforms to spread the word even further."

Spread the Word, which aims to raise awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer, is a campaign which is asking people to take just three minutes out of their day to learn the signs to look out for.  With figures from Ovarian Cancer Action showing that only three in 10 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer live beyond 10 years, early diagnosis is vital when it comes to achieving more positive outcomes.

Ian Hindle, Dianne’s husband, said: “We’re hugely grateful to Helen and the team from LaserHQ for generously supporting our work and for agreeing to help us reach as many people as possible in the North West with this important message.

“We want more people to have more time with their loved ones than we had with our amazing Dianne, and this partnership will help us to raise awareness with even more communities right across the region with the messages of Spread the Word.

“We’re asking a simple question – if you could save your loved one’s life in just three minutes, would you?

“Most of us waste more than three minutes in a day, whether that’s scrolling on our phones, daydreaming at the bus stop, or flicking through TV channels trying to decide what to watch.  It’s not a difficult decision to use that time – literally 180 seconds – in a way that could save your life or the life of your mum, your sister, your friend, or another loved one.

“Thanks again to LaserHQ for helping us reach out and raise awareness in the coming months.  It’s so important that as many people as possible become aware of what to look out for.  Please don’t think ‘this won’t happen to me or my loved ones’ and forget. We didn’t think it would happen to our family, but early diagnosis is so, so important.

“We’ve had lots of people getting in touch since we launched Spread the Word who saw our messages and as a result have seen their doctor and have had a much better prognosis for ovarian cancer than they might have otherwise done.  It’s literally saving their lives and it’s such a short amount of time needed to take a look and familiarise yourself with the symptoms."

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