Three is a magic number

Our mission at The Dianne Oxberry Trust is to raise awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer with as many people as possible. Here, our Chair Nicky tells us more about the power of three and why it’s so important in helping us achieve our aim…

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“When my amazing friend Dianne died so suddenly from ovarian cancer, I – like all of her friends and loved ones – felt a real sense of injustice. It just wasn’t fair that someone with so much to live for had been taken from us in this way.

“It was an incredibly difficult time but the overwhelming outpouring of love and support that came from the public following her death was amazing. People across the North West and beyond were reaching out, wanting to do something positive in her name – something which touched those who knew Dianne well, as we all knew how positive she always was; a real breath of fresh air with a can-do attitude and love of life.

Creating a lasting legacy

“Her husband Ian decided to create The Dianne Oxberry Trust as a way to harness that positive energy and ensure a lasting legacy that would potentially make a huge difference to the lives of others. I’m really proud to be a part of that journey.

“One thing that struck us all during that time after Dianne’s death is the power of communities coming together. The power that comes from people not just offering support but also of spreading the word and sharing their knowledge and experience with others.

“As a really small charity, run primarily by volunteers, we are reliant on that good will from our local community to continue our work. We can only be effective in our aim to reach as many women as possible and educate them about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, thanks to the support of others.

Spreading the word

“Spreading the word is so important – if we can reach even a few women who might go to their GP and receive an earlier diagnosis than they might have previously, then we can perhaps also give them the time with their families that Dianne tragically didn’t get.

“Speedy diagnosis and treatment is so important when it comes to ovarian cancer, which is why we’ve launched our Power of Three campaign asking you to help us raise awareness of its signs and symptoms.

Taking less than a minute could save a life

“We’re asking you to take less than a minute to go now and follow us on Twitter and Facebook and to message three friends, colleagues or family members and ask them to do the same.

“By following us and sharing our posts and messages, you’ll be enabling us to reach even more of the 3.7 million women who live in the North West.

“Please join us and help us harness the Power of Three right now. We’d really appreciate your support. And, while you’re here, take a look at the symptoms of ovarian cancer here too:

“Thank you for your support. A simple click or two could make a huge difference and could literally save lives.”

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