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Get your hands on special rose in honour of Dianne

A special rose which is featured in a beautiful garden remembering Dianne is on sale for people across the North West to buy - with a percentage of proceeds from sales coming to our charity.

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The Florida Sunset Rose, which can be seen blooming as part of The Dianne Oxberry Rose Garden at MediaCity, was named after Dianne's death in 2019. 

The flower, which was launched in memory of Dianne at the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show shortly after she died, was named by her husband Ian after a special island on the Gulf coast of Florida that the broadcaster fell in love with. 

A hybrid tea rose, with a rosy-pink colour which darkens to a deep, sunset pink near to the centre, the flower has dainty ruffle-shaped petals and a good fragrance.  It is exclusive to the Blue Diamond Group, who own their exclusive brand of Fryer’s Roses. 

Ian Hindle, Dianne’s husband, said: “The roses look amazing in both the special garden in MediaCity and also at home in gardens, patios or pots too.  We’ve been overwhelmed by the response from the public since we opened the garden in Dianne’s name and love seeing people sharing pictures of them visiting it on social media. 

“We’re hoping that, as people see how wonderful the flowers look, they might also want to purchase one for themselves.  And, with a percentage of the sales coming to the Dianne Oxberry Trust, we know that every one bought will help us reach out to even more local people about the symptoms of ovarian cancer.” 

The small garden on the MediaCity campus was developed with the support of Peel Media, Wright Landscapes Limited and Blue Diamond Garden Centres, including their own Bridgemere Nursery that grows Fryer’s Roses.  It comprises 75 of the exclusive roses which are coming into bloom this month. 

It was opened last year by Dianne’s husband Ian and fellow broadcaster and friend BBC Breakfast presenter Sally Nugent, and includes special messages to help visitors to Salford Quays understand the symptoms of ovarian cancer.


Speaking at the time of the garden opening, Sally Nugent said: "Dianne was taken from us all far too soon. I hope today we can remind women to pay attention to the signs of ovarian cancer that can be all too easy to miss.  

“Also let's remember our brilliant friend - her kindness, generosity and wicked sense of humour." 

The garden signage includes information on the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, as well as a QR code to link to our special Spread the Word web page which contains all of the details of what to look out for, and how to share with others across the North West.  

Our Spread the Word campaign has been creating a buzz on social media and around the North West over the last twelve months, with its hashtag #SpreadTheWordNW and its simple acronym to help people remember the most common symptoms of ovarian cancer:  

Weeing more often  

Overly bloated feeling  

Reduced appetite  

Dull ache in the pelvis or tummy  

Ian added: “The purchase of the Florida Sunset roses is just one way that people can support our work.  When we launched the garden, for example, we knew that with the huge number of visitors that MediaCity has every year, there was a real opportunity to Spread the Word in a simple but effective way. 

“If even one person visiting sees the signs when admiring the beautiful flowers and remembering Dianne and goes to see their GP as a result, then that would be amazing.   

“People often dismiss symptoms or put off going to the doctor, and sadly that can mean that if ovarian cancer is found then outcomes could be much worse.  

“Early diagnosis is key to more positive outcomes for this disease so I’d urge everyone to take a moment to get to know the symptoms and get checked if you don’t feel right.  It could literally save your life.   

“We want families to have more time together than we had with our amazing Dianne.” 

To find out how to buy your own Florida Sunset Rose – with £1 from every purchase going to the Dianne Oxberry Trust - please visit  

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