World Ovarian Cancer Day – ‘DOT’ Launch

Today on World Ovarian Cancer day, Ian Hindle – the husband of broadcaster Dianne Oxberry who died earlier this year on 10th January of Ovarian Cancer – launched a charity in her name.

World Ovarian Cancer Day – ‘DOT’ Launch image 1
World Ovarian Cancer Day – ‘DOT’ Launch image 2

We’re official! The Dianne Oxberry Trust launched on World Ovarian Cancer Day (8th May) and we couldn’t be prouder of our founder Ian Hindle. Only 4 months after Dianne passed away, Ian appeared on North West Tonight, with her colleagues Annabel Tiffin and Roger Johnson, to publicly launch the charity he began in his wife’s name. Normally on the other side of the camera, Ian did a stellar job explaining to viewers what happened to Dianne, why he was inspired to start the charity and what he hoped the Dianne Oxberry Trust would achieve:

Since our launch you’ve donated an additional £5,000 in a matter of days, taking us up to over £62,000!!

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