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Can you help us spread the word?

The word on the street is that we have a new campaign… and we need your help!

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Nicky Thompson, Trustee of The Dianne Oxberry Trust

As many of you will know, The Dianne Oxberry Trust was set up by a group of Dianne’s closest friends and family following her sudden death from ovarian cancer in January 2019.

It was shocking to all of us to see how quickly Dianne died following her diagnosis of the disease. Late diagnosis can lead to much poorer outcomes, so we’re on a mission to help speed up the time taken to diagnose ovarian cancer in order to help improve outcomes for others.

We want families in the North West who are affected by ovarian cancer to have more time with their loved ones than we had with Dianne.

Speedy diagnosis is key when it comes to this disease. The sooner people see their GP with any symptoms which could be related, the sooner they can have tests.

The main symptoms of ovarian cancer can be the result of lots of other illnesses or conditions too, but we are on a mission to make sure as many people as possible in our region know what to look out for, and can recognise when it’s important to see their doctor.

Do you know what some of those main symptoms are and will you help us Spread the Word?

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Please share on your social media accounts, and look out for our posts and share them too.

If everyone who followed us shared the symptoms with three other people, it would make a huge difference.

It’s a simple action that takes less than a minute, and it could literally save your life – or the life of someone you love.

Thank you.

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