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A message from Ian, Dianne's husband...

If you could save your mum’s life in just three minutes, would you?

A message from Ian, Dianne's husband... image 1

Even with the hectic lives we all lead, we’re all still guilty of wasting time every day.

Whether that’s faffing on our phones, daydreaming at the bus stop, or flicking up and down the TV channels in an attempt to decide what to watch, we could all spare three minutes – especially if it meant the life of our friend, sister, mum or other loved one would be saved.

In fact, when it’s written down like that, it’s hard to see anyone objecting to the opportunity to save the life of someone that they care about.

That’s why we’re redoubling our efforts – or perhaps that should be tripling our efforts – to Spread the Word about the main symptoms of ovarian cancer across the North West in the coming months. Three is certainly a magic number.

People across our fantastic region are known to come together and unite as one to bang the drum about things they care about; to stand up for others; to make a difference and have a real impact on the lives of those around them.

The success of our Spread the Word campaign so far has already blown me away.  People have been in touch sharing stories of how they saw our social media posts or had been passed the details of the symptoms from a loved one, and how their prognosis for an ovarian cancer diagnosis has been significantly more positive as a result.

That’s real lives saved. 

Real families who will hopefully be able to have much more time together than we had with Dianne.

So, in the coming months we’d like everyone to take just 3 minutes of their time to stop scrolling, stop staring out of the window when the kettle is boiling, and learn the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

The details are all on our Spread the Word web page and on our social media accounts too.

Just 3 minutes.

It’s not much to ask, but could literally be the difference between life and death for one of your loved ones – or even you.

Please, help us with this second phase of our Spread the Word campaign now and share, share share…

Thank you for all you do to help us reach people across the North West.  It’s so heart-warming to see the real difference the action taken makes in Dianne’s name.

Ian Hindle

Dianne’s husband

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