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A message from Dianne’s husband this Christmas

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and find out more about the Dianne Oxberry Trust, we really appreciate it.

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My wife, Dianne, was such an amazing individual, always full of love and laughter. 

A fantastic mum and wife, always juggling everything with a quick wit and a big smile. 

Christmas was always a very special time for our family, with everyone celebrating together – opening presents, eating too much, then snuggling up to watch TV. I miss her not being here for those moments. We all do. 

Dianne and Ian at Christmas

The festive season is especially hard, not just because it’s a time we really loved as a family, but also because her ovarian cancer diagnosis came on New Year’s Eve 2018. 

There’s no history of ovarian cancer in the family. She’d been experiencing a bit of abdominal pain and was slightly tired, but didn’t really have any other symptoms. 

But, following her diagnosis on New Year’s Eve, it was unbelievably just ten days until she died. 

The speed of the disease was so utterly shocking for all of us. 

Ovarian cancer is sometimes dubbed a silent killer, but actually it whispers. There are symptoms if you know what to look out for. 

There was a huge outpouring of grief and support after Dianne died, and the love shown for her, and to us as a family by everyone across the North West was incredible. 

When we set up the Dianne Oxberry Trust in her name, I was determined that we should raise awareness of the symptoms to try and give more families more time together than we had. 

Could you please help us to reach out to people across the North West this Christmas?

  • Could you spare just £3 to help us reach 50 people about the symptoms of ovarian cancer? 
  • £30 donated could help us reach 500 people in the North West. 
  • A gift of £300 could mean we could spread the word to 5,000 local people. 

You can donate now by clicking this button to visit our donation page:

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As we found out in the hardest way possible, early diagnosis is vital in securing more positive outcomes for ovarian cancer. 

Christmas is a really difficult time, but as a family we have so many fond memories of festive fun together with Dianne. It’s incredibly hard that she’s not here to create more of those special moments. We miss her so much, but she’s always in our hearts and thoughts. 

Dianne and Ian

Thank you for any support you’re able to give with a gift today, so we can try and ensure more families in the North West have more time together than we had with our amazing Dianne. 

Thank you. 

Ian Hindle 
Dianne’s Husband

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