PC Plod… or Officer Oxberry?

The Merseyside constabulary got a new recruit on Friday 26th April when it named one of their police horses “Oxberry” in Dianne’s honour.

PC Plod… or Officer Oxberry? image 1
PC Plod… or Officer Oxberry? image 2

As some of you may know, Dianne’s last report for Inside Out was a story on the Merseyside Mounted Police and the financial strain that they have been under.

In attendance at the naming ceremony was her husband Ian Hindle who said “Dianne had a lifelong love of horses and actually taught me to ride – or more accurately, made me learn to ride! When she came home from reporting on the Merseyside Mounted Police, she was so happy and I’m not sure that any working day could have topped that.

“To say that being paid to go and sit on a horse was Dianne’s dream come true would be an understatement, so having one of those horses be renamed in her honour, is just about the highest accolade in the world for her”. Officer Oxberry… stand tall!

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