Dianne’s Sunshine Garden

BBC North West Tonight are honouring Dianne by creating a special garden at this year’s RHS flower show at Tatton Park.

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Dianne’s Sunshine Garden image 2

Huge thanks to Dianne’s wonderful colleagues who have named it the “North West Tonight Sunshine Garden in honour of Dianne Oxberry”.

The award-winning ‘Garden Ninja’, aka Lee Burkhill, is designing the garden and says its theme will emulate Dianne’s ‘warm and sunny disposition’.

But not only will you be able to come and see this very special design in person at Tatton, it will then be relocated to the grounds of one deserving charity.

Co-anchor – and DOT patron – Annabel Tiffin explained “when the flower show has finished we want Dianne’s Sunshine Garden to live on forever and so we would like to give the garden to a charity in the region that helps people whose lives are affected by cancer”.

Dianne’s husband and DOT founder Ian Hindle was greatly touched at the idea. “Creating the sunshine garden in honour of Dianne is absolutely fantastic because that’s who she was on the telly and also at home, she was always bright and cheerful and even when she had to deliver the worst weather bulletins, she still did it with a smile on her face.”

Assistant Editor Lucy Breakwell has told us that response to the competition has been unprecedented and has invited Ian to join the judging panel. The winner will be announced on Fri 14th June on North West Tonight!

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